It’s NOT the end!


Did you have as much fun as I today chatting about the end of the world? I think that the end had been predicted from the very beginning. It is one of those strange human things that we seem to love – doooooom!!



SEXIER Body Language

As promised in my last post, I will list the most common nonverbal cues you can observe while some serious flirting is going on.

o Self-Touching
Okay, I just HAD to headline it with that word! It sounds so … um … well, you know! But it is not like that. In this specific context I’m referring to us women being very sensitive to touch. When a woman is flirting, she will sensually stroke her throat, neck or thigh. Oh all right, it is kinda like that, but it’s much more appropriate for public places. (more…)

SEXY Body Language

“There’s language in her eye, her cheek, her lip,
Nay, her foot speaks; her wanton spirits look out
At every joint and motive of her body.”
– Shakespeare


Oh, if only we knew all the secrets we revealed with our body language! One of those secrets is our attraction to someone else. Research has only confirmed what we already know – our entire body changes when we are in close proximity of someone we like, are attracted to or want to impress with our sensuality/sexuality. (more…)

Leo Nardus

I’m often asked where I get my stories from and it is always a very difficult question to answer. Goodness. Where to start? I read a lot. I’m a news junkie which means that I read a lot of articles about a lot of different things. I’m also terribly, terribly curious about everything. That again means I read other articles purely because it interests me, even if it’s not news-worthy. All this translates to me having a lot of useless bits of information floating around in my head. When I sit down to start the planning of my books, I suppose some of these bits float in the same direction and form a unit in order to create one complete story. One of these bits that actually played a large role in the initial planning stages of The Gauguin Connection is the story of Leo Nardus.

Vermeer Pictures, Images and Photos
Vermeer; The Art of Painting; c. 1666-73; Oil on canvas (more…)