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Writing progress, website, and… it never rains…

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I have not been very chatty in the last three or so weeks. My whirlwind trip to South Africa is a mere drop in the bucket of what has been occupying my time (and brain-space). While in SA, the wheels started coming off the proverbial wagon. Yesterday, I said to a friend that I think the universe realised that things have been running along splendidly for too long and quickly needed to bring some balance in my life by throwing everything at me all at the same time. Similar to the washing machine, oven, hairdryer, fridge and coffee machine breaking at the same time. Right after you had not one, but two flat tyres while driving in the rain on a dirt road in your Sunday best! (more…)

Win a birthday gift!

BannerFor me, giving is so much more fun than receiving. And today (Tuesday) being my birthday gives me the perfect opportunity to give you something to say thank you for your incredible support and love.

The gift is (more…)

International Jazz Day!

Yup, there is a day like this. And it’s today – 30 April 2015. I have an eclectic taste in music, from jazz to opera to classical to eighties, blues, head-bopping rock and a few more genres. But jazz? One of my favourite genres. So here are a few videos of jazz artist I could listen to all day. Enjoy! (more…)