Category: Nonverbal Communication

A touching short video

This (almost 6-minute) video really touched my heart. And made me smile.

Autism Awareness


April 2 is World Autism Awareness day. Autism is much more in the news today, making more people aware. But few people know or understand the complexity of this disorder.


Expressions and Gestures video

An interesting video on expressions and gestures and how it relates to emotion and deception. It’s about 20 minutes – perfect for a short (and informative) break. Enjoy!


Judging a book by its cover

mannequins 2

Nope, I’m not talking about actual books. I’m talking about us humans. Nonverbal communication is not limited to body language. It is also tone of voice; accessories like jewellery, watches; hairstyles; tattoos; and clothes. People see the image we portray. If people see me as an eccentric artist, could it be blamed on colourful clothing, jingling bracelets and plenty of other jewellery? If they see me as a serious business woman, (more…)

THREE (obvious) things about our PALMS

show of hands

We tend to focus mostly on people’s faces and arms when we try to read their body language. There are so many other parts of the body that reveal our secrets, that are often highly neglected. One of those are the position of the palms. (more…)

Reading lips – 5 messages

One of the numerous ways we give away our secrets is with our lips. Our mouth can, however, tell many lies. And I’m not talking about words here. We are able to manipulate our mouths to send out false signals, unlike other, much more involuntary, responses. It is therefore wise to take caution in interpreting nonverbal cues on the mouth alone. (more…)

4 ways POSTURE affects MOOD.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADo we run from a bear because we are scared, or is our fear triggered by the running, blood pumping through our body, increased respiration, etc? Interesting question, right? Um… I have never seen a bear, so I can’t predict what I would do. Or if I would remember all the brochures cautioning NOT to run! But I digress… (more…)