Meeting you for coffee!

Only one month and I’ll be having coffee with you in the UK and Ireland!! Woohoo!!

I’m busy organising things and need your help. I need recommendations for coffee shops where we can meet. A place that won’t mind a maximum of 18 people chatting about books and laughing over many cups of coffee. I’d prefer to stay away from the large brand places and support the smaller businesses.

If you have the perfect place in mind in one of the cities below, please comment here or email me at A website for the coffee shop would help a lot too.

16 Sept ’16, Fri (afternoon) – London
17 Sept ’16, Sat (morning) – London
18 Sept ’16, Sun – Canterbury
19 Sept ’16, Mon – Birmingham
20 Sept ’16, Tue – Manchester
21 Sept ’16, Wed – Leeds
22 Sept ’16, Thur – Newcastle upon Tyne
24 Sept ’16, Sat – Edinburgh
25 Sept ’16, Sun – Dublin

Early next week, I will give all the final details, but at least we already have dates. Yay!!


11 thoughts on “Meeting you for coffee!

  1. Hi just found this coffee shop for you food looks good. I may go there too! (not been though)
    Enjoyed reading the Dante connection.very good xx link bellow:
    Hope you enjoy Birmingham. 🙂


  2. I started reading The Gaugin Connection on Wednesday evening. I am now starting The Flnck Connection. It is Saturday evening. I am binge reading books about Jenny and her crew until I complete The Vicellio Connection, then I will be sad because finishing a series of books is like the end of a wonderful holiday with dear and interesting friends- you cannot wait to visit them again.

    This highly original series us fascinating, educational , and terribly exciting. I am also deeply touched by Jenny (I know I take liberties, but I have come to feel deep affection for her ) as she struggles to adapt to the normal that evaded her for most of her life.

    I also wish she would come to my home and make it as immaculate and serenely organized as hers…while I do not share her traits, I too find the ritual of cleaning to be very comforting when the everyday chaos of life is oppressive, but I do not indulge as often as I could -usually because a fascinating book has me in its grip.

    When you come to New York, I know of several coffee shops in which you will be most comfortable. One is in an independent bookstore.


    1. Thank you so very, very, very much for your kind words, Barbara. I treasure each and every one and it’s a great motivation while I’m working hard to finish book 10! 🙂


      1. I finished The Vecellio Connection this morning, emerging from a world in Strasbourg and back to New York. I will miss the team until book 10 is out…

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  3. I would love to join you for tea (or coffee) however, you would have to jump the pond. I am in Memphis, Tennessee USA and we have several really great tea shops and coffee houses! I just finished The Vecellio Connection which, like the others is wonderfully written. I feel like I really know the characters and get wrapped up in their adventures. With the last 2 books I have put Mozart on low in the background which enhances the experience. So glad that you are writing Book 10, I am anxiously awaiting its release. Take care.


    1. Let’s hope we get to meet next year, Suanne. I am confident my plan for a US trip will come through. And Memphis would definitely be a great addition to my list of places to go. 🙂


  4. You have easily jumped a number of very good authors to become one of my two favorite authors in all the world (with Daniel Silva and his Gabriel Allon series). As a upediatrician who specializes in kids with special needs I care for a huge number of kids with high functioning autism and I love Genevieve. I love how real she is – her quirks and emotions, and that she found love and is living a fully functional, though quirky, life. I only wish you could write faster ;). When you come to the US I would love to meet you!


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