Writing progress, website, and… it never rains…

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I have not been very chatty in the last three or so weeks. My whirlwind trip to South Africa is a mere drop in the bucket of what has been occupying my time (and brain-space). While in SA, the wheels started coming off the proverbial wagon. Yesterday, I said to a friend that I think the universe realised that things have been running along splendidly for too long and quickly needed to bring some balance in my life by throwing everything at me all at the same time. Similar to the washing machine, oven, hairdryer, fridge and coffee machine breaking at the same time. Right after you had not one, but two flat tyres while driving in the rain on a dirt road in your Sunday best!

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but interestingly enough, most of the fires I’ve had to put out in the last three weeks have been technology related. And the worst of it? None of it was my doing. (Can you hear me howl in frustration?!?) The drama I’ve had to deal with is related to doing business with huge corporations that have service centres where the left hand doesn’t even know the right hand exists. And I’m 150% sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. A good example: phoning the 10th time and once again speaking to a different person and you have to tell your story again, but only now your story is so much longer than the first time because so much has been done/undone/redone/re-undone/done in the meantime.

UPDATE: My website is live again!!! Woohoo!!!!!! But… now I do indeed have two websites. Hee!

[Old news now (and thankfully over): The biggest of these spectacular disasters is my website. Because of an internal error on their side, the company that hosts my site managed to take it off-line. It’s even displayed as for sale – it’s not for sale nor expired. It’s just not working. I’ve been spending a lot of… er… quality time on the phone with them (each time a different person) and they keep promising me that they’re working on getting it back online. But in true Estelle style, I politely ended the last call, growled a few extremely impolite words at the walls and built a whole new site!!!

Yup, estelle-ryan.com is online and is an exact copy of my precious original website that hopefully will be restored soon. Then I’ll have two websites that look exactly the same – a sign of true success. Hah! But at least you can find all the extra info for each book – the music videos, paintings and even articles about some of the topics covered (3D printing, car-hacking, etc).]

Needless to say, all of this has robbed me of a lot of writing time. And to be honest, I don’t think I should be writing when I’m in the mood to have Colin and Vinnie infiltrate and destroy these huge companies’ computer mainframes. And maybe get Francine to hack their computers and replace all their files with smiley faces. And have Manny arrest the lot of them for testing my patience. So, the writing slowed down for a short while, but I’m back on track.

IMAG2230It felt so very good to be sitting in a cafe this week and do some editing. And no, I’m not finished with the writing yet. I’ve just lost a bit of momentum with all the interruptions. Now I’m editing everything I’ve written so far to get back into the story, into Genevieve’s world. And oh, my goodness, it feels good!

I can’t tell you how much your support means to me and how much your impatience and enthusiasm for book 10 inspires me. I truly value it. Because of this, I want to give you the very best Genevieve adventure I can possibly create and therefore allow myself to take the time I need to produce just that. Nothing less. Only the very best.

So, for now, I’ll be my usual optimistic self and hope that all the technological gremlins have finished visiting me so I can get back into my writing-groove. And also stay in touch with you a bit more. 🙂


34 thoughts on “Writing progress, website, and… it never rains…

  1. OMG, yes I FEEL YOUR PAIN…been there done that. So frustrating. Technology is great, but only when it runs smoothly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the BOOK idea, and having Vinnie desecrate a few companies and Francine hack into their systems. Sounds like a plan. Actually it sound like a pretty good start to a NEW BOOK :). I think Genevieve should write a book…and then take it from there. There is so much character in your characters that it would write itself..lol. Enjoy getting back into the groove, and have a cup on me! Have a great day!!

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  2. Know well those tech troubles and experiencing a few myself but not to your extent. At least you are getting most of the “baddies” over with all at once and they will leave you alone for a while. Hang in there, have a cup on me and read you later.

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  3. Estelle- I know exactly what you mean- technology is great when it works! We, your fans, however, are always there when you are writing and when you are not!! I hope your technological woes will end soon and you can spend your time on more pleasant things. Can’t wait for your next book- always looking forward to Genevieve’s next adventure. Enjoy your coffee and your day!

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  4. Books and stories are magical, they let us live additional lives and escape from our own for a time. When The Vecellio Connection came out I was dealing with my own life cluster of things going wrong and I needed the option of running away into a compelling story for a while each day. As it was a while since I had read the first Genevieve story I decide to re-read the whole series before reading Vecellio. I read many books once, some twice and very few, when reading for the second time do I know that they will be read again and again. Re-reading yours and a moment of book magic happened, watching the story play out, enjoying the details even knowing the outcome, and I knew that they had moved into that special category of books to re-read again and again. In addition they helped me ‘runaway’ just enough to deal with all the things going wrong.
    I just wanted to say, I hope your cluster of things going wrong ends and thank you for sharing these stories.


  5. My sympathy Estelle.i have been dealing with the company that provides my phone,Internet and television. Similar problem yet still no resolution.So frustrating dealing with invisible,unnamed people. Glad things have settled down to a dull roar for you. Have some more coffee and check on Vinnie Karen

    On Thursday, August 4, 2016, COFFEE WITH ESTELLE wrote:

    > Estelle Ryan posted: “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I have not been > very chatty in the last three or so weeks. My whirlwind trip to South > Africa is a mere drop in the bucket of what has been occupying my time (and > brain-space). While in SA, the wheels started coming off ” >

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  6. I’ll bet those recent gremlins eventually find a way into Genevieve’s life, too. I’m reading #9 again for fun. BTW did you know I’m one of your reviewers on Amazon? Good writing vibes for you, Ms. Estelle!

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  7. What would life be without a few bumps in the road. We come out stronger on the other side of them! And, it’s no use forcing a story. Genevieve and friends would rather you take your time about getting their story “just right.” As for the rest of us? We’ll wait, patiently. We know you’re going to give us something wonderful, again!, something worth the wait.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and wise words, Terri. I told a friend that we have no control over some things happening in our lives. But we do have control over how we handle it – and therein lies the life lessons.


  8. I can truly empathize with your travails, Estelle. Technological stumbling blocks can be some of the worst. And being shuffled from one customer service rep to another, to me, is a most frustrating experience. I have also found that one does not look back on those experiences and laugh — the frustration takes a loooooooong while to fade.

    Well, dear author, let’s look at it this way: While you were deep in the kimshee, slogging ahead for better times, you gave me time to catch up in my reading. That’s right! I have read all nine Genevieve Lenard novels now. I am caught up. So I have joined the queue of anxious fans awaiting #10. No pressure Estelle! :{)

    May the potholes of life, technological or otherwise, be magically filled and your path be smooth sailing. Sincere best wishes.

    Fred Moore

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  9. Well, two websites. I KNOW what happened: Dukwicz. I am on the last 100 pages of the Courbet Connection and he is wreaking havoc. It can’t be Korbanov, has to be Dukwicz – unless you’ve dispatched him and I haven’t caught up yet.

    Or if he is now history, then in book 11 an associate arises causing more mysteries.



  10. I really like the idea of Vinnie and Colin infiltrating and taking care of business. Sometimes you just need those two problem solvers. I’m glad it is over and you can get back to writing. I am looking forward to book 10. The first nine are like good friends – always there when I need them

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