Come have coffee with me in the UK!

coffee-1284267_1920Ooh! How exciting is this?

Last week, I started this conversation on Facebook and the planning has really taken shape. The idea is not to have any formal book signing or reading of any sort. I want it to be a group of friends sharing coffee (or tea), cake (or scones) and a lot of laughs. So, after much deliberation and input on Facebook, I’m sooooo excited to announce our coffee dates in the UK.

16 Sept ’16, Fri (afternoon) – London
17 Sept ’16, Sat (morning) – London
18 Sept ’16, Sun – Canterbury
19 Sept ’16, Mon – Birmingham
20 Sept ’16, Tue – Manchester
21 Sept ’16, Wed – Leeds
22 Sept ’16, Thur – Newcastle upon Tyne
24 Sept ’16, Sat – Edinburgh
25 Sept ’16, Sun – Dublin

A month before our coffee dates, I’ll post the locations and other details of each visit, but you can write the date (in pen) in your schedule now! I’m really excited to meet you!!

A note to my US reader-friends: I’m planning a trip to the US in 2017 and I’ll need your help planning my itinerary, so remember to keep an eye on my blog. I’ll most likely start that discussion early 2017. I have not forgotten my Canadian, South African and Australian friends – I hope to plan a trip very soon!


12 thoughts on “Come have coffee with me in the UK!

  1. Estelle, I am loving all of your books but there is one thing that puzzles me: how do you choose the titles for them? I ask this because the stories themselves seem to have only a very tenuous connection with the named artist. Perhaps this quandary of mine has something to do with my daughter having just earned her masters degree in art and the process has led to some long and enjoyable discussions between us about art history; thus I feel that I am missing something important in not adding more information—or at least some tie-in that would provide more of a link to follow.
    Love the books, love the characters, love their progression as time passes. Thought Genevieve seemed a bit out of sorts in the last one and wonder what is troubling her. In any event, I plan to keep following right along. Thank you for adding so much pleasure and enjoyment to my life.


  2. Estelle, just finished your last book. Of course my mystery reader mind finds little areas I get concerned over. You, however, have written a series of books that are quite unique. I was fascinated fron book 1 right through the whole series. My request like many other impatient readers, is that you hurry up and write another. Your character developments is excellent and the addition of Roxy can bring nothing short of delight. I enjoy going out of the boo on my iPad and searching out the artists and paintings as well as the Landmarks. I am in USA state of Oregon so we will see if you ever get near here. Thanks again for the hours of fun reading. Can you suggest any other authors while we wait for your next one? ET Owens


    1. A million thank you’s for your kind words, Edward! I value each one. And I promise to hurry up as much as possible! 🙂


  3. I was recently introduced to your Genevieve Lenard series through BookBub. I read THE GAUGUIN CONNECTION via iBooks. I was sold on the characters immediately. My wife was good-enough to order the 9-ebook collection from AMAZON and download them to her Kindle for my reading enjoyment. I devoured the second book in the series immediately and I’m halfway through the third one. I read about 120 books each year. I’m so glad I could add your novels to my reading list this year. I really enjoy your intelligent handling of autism with Dr. Lenard’s character development. Although I do not struggle with autism, I am learning to navigate life after a recent diagnosis of Lewy Bodys’ Dementia (on top of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms). Some of Dr. Lenard’s self-talk doesn’t seem too far removed from from what I experience with LBD. For me, I’m all about maintaining my present mental faculties and slowing the progression of my disease. I find your books inspiring. I celebrate Dr. Lenard’s successes with her as if they were my own.

    I’m writing from Southeastern Washington state (USA), and I would really like to make a coffee chat in 2017. Thank you for writing such inspiring, entertaining novels. Sincere best wishes to you.


    1. Oh, my goodness, Fred. Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me knowing that my books have such an effect. I look forward to meeting you in 2017. 😊


  4. Estelle,

    I have been a big fan of yours for several years and have recommended the series to my friends. I am presently rereading the series and enjoying it just as much as I did the first time. You paint your scenes so well that I feel as though I would know everyone upon sight. The fact that Genevieve is a high functioning autistic gives a fascinating depth to the character. As an author I can relate to the vast amount of work you put into each book and they are gems. Thank you.

    Peggy Gaffney


  5. Oh, I’m so anxious for your new book. I hope you are still working on audio books so I can share them with my husband.

    I noticed you got requests from 2 people who live near me, so I’m really hoping you’ll come our way for a tea. Portland Oregon would be a wonderful place for your tea. It is close to southern Washington.


    1. I’m sure I can work Portland into my US trip. Please remind me when I start my discussion about that trip. And… audiobooks are still in the works. It’s taking longer than anticipated, but I hope to have news soon. 🙂


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