The Vecellio Connection – Now Available!!!

Now available

Woohoo!!! Oh, my goodness, I’m so excited that you can now read The Vecellio Connection.  

If you didn’t pre-order, you can get your copy at one of these vendors:

||  ||  ||  ||  iBooks  ||  NOOK  ||  KOBO  ||  Google Play  ||

I hope you enjoy reading The Vecellio Connection as much as I enjoyed writing it.



17 thoughts on “The Vecellio Connection – Now Available!!!

    1. Congrats with finishing grading the papers! You definitely deserve a break, Jane! I hope you enjoy Genevieve’s new adventure. And it really is my pleasure writing all these tales. 🙂

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  1. Received it on my Kindle last night! Thank you for continuing to bring these people new stories & adventures and for the insights on autism. My 8 year old Granddaughter is on the spectrum and each day is a learning experience.

    Donna Lindsey



  2. Yet another fantastic story, thank you so much for all your hard work Estelle.
    I’m taking my time with book 9, savouring every chapter – better stay out of here for now less other posters give things away because they’re way ahead of me in the book

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  3. Thank you, Estelle – for the awesome dedication to your readers. I was happy all day on March 29 because I knew the book was coming the next day. I have my iPad, my earphones firmly in place as I listen to classical and appropriate music. Thank you again! This is so great…


    Carol Braxton


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  4. While rereading your novels,I was struck by the similarities to the popular crime shows on American tv.I even see the characters from the european show,Crossing Lines.These novels would be wonderful on either the big screen or tv.

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  5. Dear Estelle,
    Wonderful to get some insight into Vinnie’s story. Your character development is superb and I can see how it leads to you to such excitement for the next book. Up to date technology is also a plus. I do however ‘wax nostalgic’ for the detail of the artistry for whom the books are titled. Looking forward to Book 10.
    Stay safe, my friend, as you find wonderful new coffee shops.


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