A touching short video

This (almost 6-minute) video really touched my heart. And made me smile.


10 thoughts on “A touching short video

  1. I saw this the day it aired. Cried like a baby. Helped me to remember a child that attended a small school I worked at back in 1980. This was a female child – autism was not talked about much back then. The teacher who worked so patiently with this child did so on her own time. Her goal was to teach her to be able to say her name, phone number and address in case she was ever lost. The child had not received any formal training until then – and she was eight years old at the time. The teacher was successful. God bless her.

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    1. This is exactly the reason I believe that (good) teachers are gods and goddesses. They are the true unsung heroes.


  2. Before I retired, I was a Case Manager and Job Coach for Special Education High School Students. I found, tailored, trained and set many of my students on a successful job and career. I would find a task that needed doing in a place of business, one that the other employees would avoid or push off on the “new guy”, match it to one of my students, train them to do the task perfectly, worked with them on social skills, and as they achieved they gained self respect, self esteem and pride in doing the job well. It was a win for the employer, he had a reliable employee, fully trained, happy to work, and the task that no one wanted to do became a employee appreciation for the “new guy”! I am proud of my students and some of the students I placed and trained have been doing their jobs for 20 years! I also taught them transportation skills and helped them become independent contributing members of society. I always believed in my heart that there was a job for all my students, even when f I had to invent one!
    I apologize. I miss my guys and still keep in touch nowadays. I will step down off my soapbox now.

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    1. Oh, Sandy! Please stay on your soapbox – not that I saw your comment as such. The world really needs more people like you. While you wait on your soapbox, I’ll go fetch you a thrown and a crown with many jewels. You more than deserve it for everything you’ve done for your students.


  3. Estelle, I work so I did not get to see this show. Thank you so much for sharing. We need to spread awareness, and especially be kind to others who may not be just like us. This was an amazing excerpt and I really appreciated seeing this, you have made my day! Maybe others will begin to understand that everyone is fighting their own battles, and everyone deserves kindness and understanding. You are amazing! Love you much <3!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Cathi. You’ve really nailed it by saying that we need to understand that everyone is fighting their own battles. A bit of compassion, a moment of understanding and a kind gesture really go a long way and can make such a huge difference in someone’s day (and life). ❤

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  4. Seeing this a second time and it still makes me tear up. Thank goodness there are so many genuinely good,compassionate people in this often scary world.

    On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, COFFEE WITH ESTELLE wrote:

    > Estelle Ryan posted: “This (almost 6-minute) video really touched my > heart. And made me smile. https://youtu.be/KaRqqVDAaQo” >

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    1. I agree, Karen. Watching the manager’s kindness and Ellen’s generosity is beautiful and hopefully an inspiration to many.


  5. Estelle,
    I stumbled upon your books which then led me to your blog. I had heard of Sam, and like my son who is high functionin autustic, he is blessed to have an understanding boss. I believe that our autistic children are sent by God to teach us compassion and understanding. We were also told back in the 90’s that our son would never ride a bus, ride a bike or hold a job. He can do so much more now at 27. He got two jobs all on his own. We suffered through many meltdowns each day, and we still go through them occasdionally, but our son is so compassionate and caring, it is worth it. We are blessed.

    I love Genevieve and even Caelin. Keep up the great work you have been doing! Kudos to all the empliyers who take a chance on these exceptional employees!


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    1. Kathy, firstly a huge apology for only replying to your comment now. Somehow, it got lost and I only found it today.

      I agree that we should celebrate the employers who take a chance on those who really can, but find it a touch (or sometimes more than a touch) harder than the neurotypicals. I’m sure you are very proud of your son for what he has achieved so far. He should be proud too – it’s a challenge for most people, even more so for those on the spectrum.


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