Getting tired of writing…

… is something I’m very far from. There are many other things surrounding my writing career challenging my energy levels, but the writing? Nope. Writing gives me such incredible pleasure and energy that it would be punishment for me to stop. Washing dishes, shopping and any form of administrative work – now that is tiring! I’ve considered becoming Greek just so I could break my plates after I’ve eaten. That way I would solve the dish-washing torture. But it would create a clean-up dilemma, so it’s better just to stick the dishes in the dishwasher. But I digress…

This week has been just amazing! You got to read The Morisot Connection and I got to work on Book 9. I must admit that I started the planning last week already, so I’ve been back in my happy place for two weeks now. It started here:

The first day –> Book 9 1  Then –> Book 9 2

After that –>Book 9 3  Then –>Book 9 4

and yesterday–> Book 9 5

I’m taking my time with the planning – it must be just so, doing justice to all the characters and the plot. When I start writing, I’ll keep you updated on the progress. But for now, I’m enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon (with a cup of coffee, of course). I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


30 thoughts on “Getting tired of writing…

  1. Of course you have written another winner. Glad to hear you have started Book #9. Miss my friends until you finish the book. Always glad to have these little chats with you. Thanks again for all your hard work and enjoy your week end and your coffee.

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  2. Your writing gives all of us incredible pleasure, as well! Thank you for all your beautiful books — wonderful stories, and characters so real that I think of them as friends! I SO want to get myself invited over to taste Vinnie’s cooking!

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed The Morisot Connection, Diana! I’m still in the development part of book 9, so anything could happen and a lot (or little) could be revealed. I’m also looking forward to see what the characters have to say! 🙂


  3. I’m sad to have finished the last book because it means I have to wait before reading another Genevieve novel. I discovered your books recently and voraciously read the entire series. I have read many suspense novels but Genevieve’s character is unique. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, the stories certainly, but the entire cast of characters even more. Like another poster I will probably start the series again because I read them so quickly. Thank you for sharing your writing with us. I eagerly await your next book as so many other fans do as well.

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    1. Thank you so much, Nicole! I’m working hard on book 9 – your kind words are a great motivation to make another coffee and get back to it. 🙂


  4. I found your books earlier this year and have just finished The Morisot Connection – have loved every one of them and can’t wait for you next book. Your writing is quite powerful – found myself tearing up when Francine was hurt when Genevieve didn’t acknowledge her feeling. (and I don’t get emotional too often reading 🙂 ) One of the thing I love about your books is the fun and connection between the main characters. I read to relax, be entertained and learn – the Connection books have done all three. Thanks & keep writing!

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  5. I’ve only recently discovered your books & have quickly devoured them. Am dreading having to relinquish my reading time to mess with holiday cooking, entertaining, etc. Also have never taken the time to contact any author & actively support their writing. You have a unique talent in putting together your charactors and plots in such a mesmerising way. Can’t wait to get caught up with all these adventures. Thank you for such the opportunity to live vicariously through these works.

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    1. I’m always so deeply honoured that someone would take time out of their day/live to contact me to say that they enjoyed my writing. Thank you so much for doing that, Vicki! It means the world to me. I hope you enjoy all Genevieve’s adventures. 🙂


  6. I’m a beginner in your work. I have got a smile all over my face while reading the first book of the series. The character does justice to whatever the heroine says. You have created truly fascinating characters and I seems to too much enjoy your unbelievably elegant writing style. I become a huge fan of yours.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mikyung! It’s valuable motivation for me while I’m working on book 9. I hope you enjoy all Genevieve’s adventures as much as the first! 🙂


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