The Morisot Connection is live!!!

TMC now available

Woohoo!!!! I’m so very, very, very excited about the 9th book in Genevieve’s adventures. I hope you enjoy it! Below are all the links where you can find it (if you haven’t already pre-ordered or ordered). Happy reading!!! 🙂  ||  ||  ||  Apple  ||  NOOK  ||  KOBO  ||  Google Play 


10 thoughts on “The Morisot Connection is live!!!

  1. Yes, my pre-order just dowmloaded. So excited to begin reading. May have to wait as Jasper is failing and dealing with the death of a cherished pet is always difficult. He is family! Always at my side as I tended the herb garden or as now as I sit at my computer.

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  2. Have managed the first three chapters but sadly, I have to teach…………very inconvenient! I will be back at the screen face as soon as I can! However, with a new book, I feel all is well with the world. Thank you. x

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  3. I’ve had several friends recommend your books so i’m dying to read one, any Idea when they will be available in audio? I spend hours working outside, or on a refinishing project, and the Audio format sure makes the time pass faster.

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    1. Hi Kathleen! Thank you so much for your interest. I honestly have no idea when my books will be out in audio – that’s an ongoing negotiation. The first in the series – The Gauguin Connection – is free to download on all platforms as an ebook. It might be a second best in your case, but could fill in a quiet moment while sitting inside. 🙂


  4. So far I have read your first 7 books. Now I’m getting ready to read your latest and I can’t wait. Once I start reading I can’t
    put my Kindle down. Keep the stories of Genevieve and her team coming.

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