The Morisot Connection – Chapter ONE!




Only eleven more days before you’ll be experiencing Genevieve’s new adventure in The Morisot Connection! I can’t believe the time is flying by so quickly!!! 14 September is sooooo close! In case you’re curious what to expect (or are impatient and want something NOW!), I’ve made chapter one available. 

If you click HERE, the first chapter will open in your browser and you can get an idea of what’s to come. Yay!


In case you’ve missed out on the previous announcements, The Morisot Connection is available for pre-order in all these places:  ||  ||  ||  iBooks  ||  Barnes & Noble  || KOBO  ||  Google Play


15 thoughts on “The Morisot Connection – Chapter ONE!

  1. So glad Amazon sent me an email on this! Just pre-ordered it. My guy just finished the last one about 3 weeks ago, so when I told him, he informed me that he was NOT going to start any other series with this one due out so soon! The only concern I have is the part of the teaser that says “shocking grand finale” – I hope they are referring to the finale of The Morisot Connection, NOT the finale for the series!


    1. You don’t have to worry about finales, Mary. Here’s the link to a blogpost I wrote about The Last Genevieve Lenard Book:

      … And a huge thank you for making me smile. It is really such a thrill when I know that someone is enjoying Genevieve’s adventures!


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