Win a signed copy of The Léger Connection!


Only one week!! Seven days and The Léger Connection will be available. To celebrate the last week of waiting, I’ve created a raffle to give you the opportunity to win one of five signed copies of The Léger Connection.

Enter here (with your email address or Facebook profile): Win a signed copy of The Léger Connection.

A tip - you can enter every day for a better chance to win!!



4 thoughts on “Win a signed copy of The Léger Connection!

  1. Dear Estelle,
    Thanks for offering an email option as FB is not my thing. Now, only 6 days to go! Come on, Francine! I’m already planning my ‘quiet time’, sitting on the back porch with no distractions other than the wonderful scents wafting from the new herb garden, to read The Leger Connection.
    P.S. So far, the herb garden has proven to be deer-proof, bunny-proof, and bird-proof. Hope it continues.

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    1. Melanie, I’m so happy that you can also take part in the raffle! I know not everyone uses Facebook, even though it sometimes feel like it!
      Your back porch sounds absolutely fantastic. And I’m so happy for you that your herb garden is doing well. One of these days I’m going to start demanding photos! 🙂


      1. Dear Estelle,
        Stayed up, this Memorial Day night, to get my pre-order downloaded! I have placed a comfy, sling, chair right in my herb garden to begin reading. If I figure out how to send a picture, I will. For now, I’m taking care of my poor old (14 year old dog) Jasper. He still makes it up to
        the garden but then needs to go back inside. Back porch seems too far from the herb garden yet the wonderful aromas still make their way to me.
        Hope you are enjoying this weekend.

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      2. Melanie, it really sounds like you’re enjoying your porch and beautiful garden. That chair sounds like a little piece of heaven. Please give Jasper a cuddle from me and have a lovely evening and holiday Monday. 🙂


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