The Léger Connection – Chapter ONE

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Two weeks!! Only 14 days and The Léger Connection will be on your e-reader. If you’re anything like me while I’m waiting for a favourite author’s book, you also want a sneak peek.

If you click on: Chapter ONE, it will open in your browser and you can read the whole chapter – a taste of what is to come. Seriously, words fail me when I try to explain how excited I am about sharing Francine’s story with you!

In case you have not heard me shout this from the mountain tops – The Léger Connection is now available for pre-order on these sites:  ||  ||  ||  iBooks  ||  Barnes & Noble  || KOBO  ||  Google Play


12 thoughts on “The Léger Connection – Chapter ONE

    1. I know many people are like you, Jane. It’s simply too frustrating to settle in and then have to wait for the rest of the story. Soon! 🙂

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  1. Chapter one has me hooked, it will be hard to wait till I get the rest of the story. Good beginning to what I know will be another delightful read.


  2. I have just finished reading the first chapter of The Leger Connection. It is wonderful. I was completely drawn into the story already.
    I love books that do this to me. I’m only sorry I can’t continue reading until my book comes. That is one of the reasons I don’t usually
    start books that I can’t continue. Love it…Love it. Thanks for your great writing.

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  3. Dear Estelle,
    Ah, a softer side to Francine as she speaks with Daddy. Sessions? I’m sure Manny will bring those out. There will be no ‘soft-side’
    of Francine if/when? someone hurts Daddy. Anyway, I can see how Francine’s story came to be book 7. Thanks for Chapter 1. Timing
    is still excellent as weather here delayed the completion of the herb garden 😦 Hoping to complete it in the next few days and then settle
    in for some reading. Thank you again for making Chapter 1 available.

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