International Jazz Day!

Yup, there is a day like this. And it’s today – 30 April 2015. I have an eclectic taste in music, from jazz to opera to classical to eighties, blues, head-bopping rock and a few more genres. But jazz? One of my favourite genres. So here are a few videos of jazz artist I could listen to all day. Enjoy!

Melody Gardot – what a voice!

Abdullah Ibrahim – a South African master jazz musician. I will never tire of his music. 

Jamie Cullum – I can’t remember seeing a more energetic musician on stage. He was electric!

Billy Holiday – I have no words. I simply love every song she ever gave voice to. 

Ella Fitzgerald – another amazing woman. 


7 thoughts on “International Jazz Day!

  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing these artists. I have a general dislike of jazz, but listening to Abdullah Ibrahim has changed my mind, at least about some. The one you posted was just dreamy! I’ve downloaded many more to listen to later today. Can’t wait to hear more. I’ll also try some of the ones listed on his pages to broaden my experience, at least, if not to make a convert of me!

    Can’t wait for new book to be released! I never download anything but free and $.99 books – except for yours! I’ll purchase it as soon as Kindle releases it!

    God bless you and keep you well enough to write many more!

    Love and blessings,
    Sharon Voorhees
    Madison, Alabama

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  2. Enjoyed Melody Gardot, Abdullah Ibrahim and Jamie Cullem. Thanks for the music lesson. Jazz isn’t my favorite type but hearing these artist made me enjoy the music. Thanks again. I’m like Sharon, since I read so many books I get the free and .99 Cents ones. Yours are so good I’ll buy them at any price. Your stories are original and not one book feels like the others. Some authors if you read enough they feel like you are reading the same book with a different name for the same person. Thanks again. Can’t wait for the new one.

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    1. I’m thrilled you liked the new-for-you artists! These really are of my top favourites. And thank you so much for those amazing compliments, Joyce! I treasure each one. 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing the great music. While Ella sang I paid bills! I have never had such an enjoyable time paying bills….I will have to remember to listen to Ella next month when I pay bills! What a gorgeous voice that woman had.

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    1. You made me giggle, Paula! I’m … um … glad you enjoyed paying your bills. 😀
      And yes, Ella’s voice… amazing!


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