Change of Plan for Book 7!

Well, this is certainly a first for me (and my impeccable planning)! This is how it went down… Manny, Francine and Genevieve had quite the argument last week. Not an ugly argument, rather more like a heated debate. When I started planning book 7 many weeks ago, Manny thought it would be cool to tell his story, but Genevieve wasn’t ready to give him that. Her story was more important to be told than Manny’s. I agreed and planned accordingly. Book 7 was going to be another Genevieve tale.

I started writing Genevieve’s story with fiery excitement and passion until everything screeched to a halt a few days ago. Francine was making too much noise. She had raised her voice and waved her arms around, bracelets jingling, until Genevieve sighed and listened. After a lengthy debate, Genevieve and I agreed – Francine’s story superseded everyone else’s.

And so the planning and research started all over again. Genevieve’s story is only paused for a short while. Most of the research has been done, the entire book is planned and almost a third of it is written. The rest will be written as soon as pushy Francine told her story.

I could’ve transferred my progress pie chart (that I update on Facebook) from Genevieve’s story to Francine’s, but then every week’s percentages would’ve been completely made up and… nah! I’m not going to deceive anyone. You guys are on this journey with me and will just have to tolerate these fickle characters as well as surprise changes with me.

Of course, it’s much more fun saying my characters or the Muses forced these decisions on me than saying I realised that I needed to make some changes in the long-term planning of the series. In a sense it is true that these characters ‘talk’ to me, but at the end of the day it’s all me. I believe that Francine’s story is a better follow-up to the crossroads Genevieve reached at the end of The Pucelle Connection. Genevieve’s story will flow perfectly from there. It just took me some time to get the order right. 🙂

But… fear not!!! You won’t have to wait tooooooo long because of this change. Without making any commitments, I feel confident in saying that the new book 7 might be out much sooner than you (and I) hoped for. Now that you know where we’re at, I’ll be putting up a new pie chart on Facebook from next week.

This is my last weekend in South Africa, so I’m going to make the most of it. I hope you will also have a wonderful and memorable weekend!


34 thoughts on “Change of Plan for Book 7!

  1. As an artist myself, I really enjoy it when elements of my creation demand a voice. While I know I am doing the creating, I feel like I just got a nice boost from the universe. It makes for a fun ride! Susan

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  2. I always find it so interesting when an author talks about her characters taking over. They certainly are real to your readers, and it’s clear they’re just as, or more, real to you as well! I look forward to the next book (and the next, and the next, etc!)

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  3. We trust you completely – that is the pact we as readers make with the author – especially when a writer creates a series – they will clearly develope over time and we travel with you. Thank you.

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  4. It will be great fun to read Francine’s story! Certainly Genevieve and the rest of the gang will be along for the ride. We always catch up on everyone with each book.

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  5. Is writing sort of like cooking? I may have a general plan, i.e. frequently used recipe, but I decide to introduce a new ingredient, changing the outcome. Or, sometimes I start a recipe without realizing I do not have an ingredient. So an alternative is used. Either way, the result is great!

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    1. What a great analogy, Betsy! I think you have something here. Especially in the sense that each person’s dish comes out unique and the way they ‘apply’ the recipe might differ ever so slightly, again influencing the results.


  6. Dear Estelle,
    While I can truly believe Francine ‘bested’ Manny in a heated debate, I can’t imagine Geneieve ‘sighing’. However, I’m looking forward to learning more about Francine as I’ve often wondered about her own ‘need’ to be alone sometimes and her ever so careful intrusions into
    Genevieve’s ‘space’ ….has to be a reason and so hearing Francine’s story sounds like the most logical next step. Gotta love the superpowers!
    Enjoy you final week in S.A. Think of me ‘weathering’ the Nor’easters on the East Coast of USA and send ‘warm’ thoughts.
    Love, Melanie

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    1. Thanks, Melanie!! I’m making the most of every moment. Stay warm while weathering out the weather. 🙂

      And… I’m terribly excited to write Francine’s story. Can’t wait to share it!


  7. My first visit. I have read through the Courbet Connection. I truly appreciate the manner in which you depict Genevieve and her internal dialogue. I have a grandson and a grand nephew I believe to be on the spectrum, one has been through the diagnostics and the other has not. The development of Doc G.’s ability to accept more contact with others is wonderful. I must caution myself that each individual has its own special needs and makes progress at its own pace. I do like your team approach to solving problems even if they present each of them with other personal problems.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Dominic! And for your comments. You are so very right about the individual needs and progress. If only we could always remember this. About everyone – neurotypical and non-neurotypical. Hope to see you here again. 🙂


  8. I have read all six books and am on my way through them for the second time. I hope it takes me until number 7 is available.


      1. Dear Estelle,
        Oh please don’t hurry. Let the characters continue their journey together and bring us along on yet another fantastic adventure!
        Hope you’re still entertaining thoughts of featuring a female artist in the future.


      2. Oh, I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for a female artist. Us gals have to stick together! 🙂
        (And thanks for your encouragement, Melanie. It means a lot.)


  9. I discovered Genevieve three weeks ago and I am so glad I did. Seeing her growth in the first six books has been remarkable. But what I want to know is when is Francine going to rock Manny’s world? It has to happen. You know it has to happen, don’t you? And yes I am a compulsive reader.

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    1. Barbara, thank you so much for making me smile!! I always have so much fun writing Manny and Francine’s scenes, which means I had tonnes of fun writing book 7 – Francine’s story. I would love to know your thoughts on what I did with all the characters in The Léger Connection. Only 2 more weeks and it’s available (what happened to the time?!?!) 🙂


  10. I loved book 7 with Francine’s story. This makes me eager to hear the other team members stories, Colin, Vinnie and Manny. I hope you will give them all a voice

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    1. Especially Colin! He’s been so secretive. He’s probably got so many layers (like an onion) that he could fill volume after volume! He wasn’t born an art re-appropriator…


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