The Courbet Connection – Chapter ONE!!!

The Courbet Connection

It is so exciting! The 29th of July is drawing nearer and nearer. Soon The Courbet Connection will be on the shelves — so to speak. I’m thrilled to share the first chapter with you.
The Courbet Connection – Chapter ONE. This link will open as a PDF file – easier and prettier to read than putting it into this post.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it, here or on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “The Courbet Connection – Chapter ONE!!!

  1. Was just reading The Flinck Connection again to be ready for Book 5! Now that you have teased with this chapter, I am chomping at the bit to finish the whole thing!!! My first thought is did Dukwicz hire Caelan to infiltrate the gang and learn their methods of hunting him. I am super excited and so looking forward to the 29th of July!!!! Bravo!!!


  2. Just “discovered” your books at the beginning of July and all ready to read #5! In fact, I have been feeling some withdrawal symptoms–I enjoy the series so much. This first chapter has me wanting more, of course. I really enjoy how you start the action in the first chapter if not the first page! Hope you have #6 in the planning stages.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Cheryl166. I’m too busy with all the final stages of publishing The Courbet Connection to even think about book 6 yet. But… I promise the planning will start the week after. If you pop into my Facebook page, you might even see a photo of the planning (and the coffee needed!). 🙂


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