The Courbet Connection (Genevieve’s Book 5)

It’s official!!!! Book 5 is named The Courbet Connection. The publishing date will be announced soon, but for now here is the blurb:

Forged masterpieces. Kidnapped students. The dark net.

Nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard’s search for an international assassin is rudely interrupted by an autistic teenager who claims that forged masterpieces are being sold on the dark net—a secret internet few know exists. The resulting probe uncovers an underground marketplace offering much more sinister products and services. Including murder.

An official investigation into one of her team members and the discovery of dozens of missing students across Europe adds immense pressure on Genevieve to find out if one person is masterminding these seemingly unrelated cases. What starts out as a search for illegal art sales soon turns into a desperate hunt for clues to uncover the conspiracy to destroy her team member and murder more students. Timing becomes even more crucial when someone close to her disappears and the assassin she’s been looking for is the key to preventing another senseless death.

Oh my! I’m so excited about this book. I got it back from my editor with some fantastic suggestions that I’m busy working on. Fortunately, no major rewrite is required, so the fine-tuning and other changes should not take tooooooo long.

As you can see in the blurb, Genevieve is going to be faced with a young autistic person. That was a challenge (and a lot of fun) to write, but much more challenging for Genevieve and those around her.

This is another step closer to getting the months’ of work into your hands. I really can’t wait to share this with you. Hopefully, next week I’ll have a set date and then the party-planning starts!! Or the sleep-for-a-month planning. 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Courbet Connection (Genevieve’s Book 5)

  1. So very much looking forward to Book 5! Excited to know it’s forthcoming. Was captured by the first book and the re-read value is quite good! I enjoy the way you write!


  2. So excited! Prolonging The Flinck Connection as much as possible so I can go right into The Courbet Connection. Where will it be on sale? Wish Amazon had pre-order for this already! Thanks for these great reads!


    1. The Courbet Connection will be on sale in most of the ebook retailers, including Amazon. I’ll announce it all over the place as soon as the book is live, so you can rest assured that you won’t miss it. 🙂


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