Happy New Year!!


A new year! New beginnings! New adventures! My wish for you and your family is that 2014 will bring new opportunities, new people, new places, growth, development, and most of all, lots of new and fabulous books!

The end of the year always gives us a good opportunity to reflect, reassess, and plan. The last part is the most fun for me. I love planning!! And that is exactly what I did. I sat down, looked at 2013 and how I could improve on it. I will not bore you with the details––the many, many details.

But… these improvements are not New Year’s resolutions. They are lessons learned. I don’t make usual resolutions. The normal ‘lose weight’, ‘stop smoking’, ‘go to gym’ kind of resolutions… well, we all know what happens to them, right? I only make one ‘resolution’ and try my utmost to stick to it.

One year, I made the resolution to not complain about the weather once. I love the heat. Hot, sunny days make me the happiest. The hotter the better! Rainy, cloudy, cold days? Yeah, that get’s me complaining in long, eloquent paragraphs. And you know? That year I didn’t complain once about the weather. Another year, my resolution was to go to one concert/opera/show/play a month. I did.

This year, my resolution is to separate my days. Let me explain. I get so involved in my writing that I lose weeks. I lose track of time, I forget to answer emails, I even forget to eat. That is the biggest improvement plan on 2013. I plan to schedule my days in such a manner that I have a consistent flow and, more importantly, balance of writing, friends, internet use, reading, travelling, and plain old doing nothing.

I laid out my plan last week and have given it a test run. So far, so good. Next year is only starting in a few hours, but I have a head start on it. Here’s to hoping my days will be balanced, my various needs met, and many books will get written!

Happy New Year!!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I look forward to a new year, and hope others understand that we can all have our moment we choose, but the rest of the world does not always pay attention. This is a good time to take stock, for the various cultural aspects of the New Year worldwide cause us to understand that we need to take stock now. Thanks for the description you gave. Although I do not intentionally celebrate my birthday (Jan.01) I do still measure myself to see if I remain in the faith. Thanks for your post.


    1. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Gralan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on taking stock. I hope you will have the year that you are looking forward to.

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