My writing music.


A comment on my facebook page the other day made me think it might be a fun idea to share with you the music I listen to when I’m writing my masterpieces books. My taste in writing music changes with time and my moods. For a long time I listened exclusively to jazz while writing. Then it was a combination of jazz and classical. My playlists also changed with time as I discovered new favourites. Here are some of the artists I love to listen to:

The video below is one of my current favourites, Buika. Her voice, her voice, her voice!

Ladysmith Black Mambazo has always been a favourite of mine. I’ve been fortunate to see them twice while oversees and it really did make me homesick listening to them.

I don’t know how many people know of Lourdes Perez, but her voice is enchanting. It’s very dramatic, deep and I love it. Even Vinnie and Genevieve likes her – you’ll see that in The Dante Connection.

Yasmin Levy is another one of my favourites. Here she is singing with Buika. What a fabulous combination!

I’ll admit to swaying from side to side while listening to these guys. The Gipsy Kings rule!

As you can see and hear, these are all international artists. I find ‘World Music’ to be soothing both in rhythm and in lyrics (I don’t understand all the languages, so it won’t distract me with a desire to sing along!). A good beat also helps the fingers to increase typing speed. Really – it’s quite something to experience when my fingers type faster as the beats increase. This is of course only a drop in the ocean of music I enjoy listening to.  I’ll post some more favourites at a later date.

Hope you enjoyed ‘my’ music with me!


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