SNEAK PEEK of The Braque Connection!!

rsz_tbc_ebook_cover 500

The 17th of September is getting so close!!! I’m terribly excited about the release of The Braque Connection and am thrilled to share the first chapter with you.

As much as I tried to put the text in this post, the formatting came out horrid every single time. Sigh. Being as semi-literate as I am in these things, and rather wanting to spend time writing, I found an easy way out!! Click here: Chapter ONE and you can read the first chapter in PDF format.

I would love to hear your thoughts when you finish Chapter 1.  Tell me here or visit my Facebook page and tell me there!

REMEMBER to enter the raffle so you can win one of FOUR copies of The Braque Connection. Just click on the Braque cover at the top right of this page. Good luck!


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