The fabulous people over at RazberryJuice.com interviewed me. Here is the first question: 

Estelle, can you give us a little background, as to when you first became interested in writing and your career to date?

My first interest? That would be when I was around nine years old and convinced my class I had spent the previous evening playing with aliens in my backyard! Throughout school my creative writing (emphasis on ‘creative’) was a much discussed topic under the teachers, but nothing serious ever came from it. Not until ten years ago when I started writing travel articles for an international magazine. Fast forward many more articles, being the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine, and seven traditionally published books later, I decided it was time for a change. I sat down and wrote the first book in the Genevieve Lenard series, The Gauguin Connection, which was published a year ago. The third in the series will be published in September 2013.

Read the rest of the interview here: http://www.razberryjuice.com/index.php/books/421-estelle-ryan-interview.html


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