For me personally, writing is a gift. With this I don’t mean a gift in the sense of a talent gifted to me, but rather a gift that gives to me. I get to write about topics I have a great passion for: Art, Psychology, Crime (my passion is for solving, not committing!! 🙂 ), Mystery, Conspiracies, International Politics. I am lucky – I get to do something I love.

Writing a series about a body language expert, who also has high functioning autism, has taught me a lot and have given me much joy. Meeting the readers – some emails, mostly on Facebook – have been an even greater pleasure. Having new covers for my books was a surprising amount of fun! These covers, I think, better represent the mystery of each book and also the danger Genevieve faces.

The next cover reveal will be for the The Braque Connection – Doctor Genevieve Lenard’s next adventure to be released soon!!!


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