What started as an idea is now a complete book. It took a few weeks of planning, followed by a few months of writing to get there. Here is my process laid out:

  • Mind map. I love mind maps! It is how my brain works. It is not for everyone, but it perfectly organises my thoughts and leads me from one point to the next.
  • Expand on the mind map.
    • I start organising the ideas which are now only scribbles in circles.
    • I divide a page in two columns and five rows and start working on the chronology of the story.
    • Loads of other detailed stuff that is boring for non-writers. This includes a lot of research.
  • Expand on the above:
    • Now I put it all on the computer, adding a few more details. By the time I’m finished with this outline it is around 20,000 words – a novella.
  • WRITE! Now the fun starts. I have my story, it is already written. All I have to do now is put in proper dialogue and decent narrative and description. I like working like this. It is easy to let the words flow because I know exactly where the story is going. I don’t have to worry about writer’s block. Only writer’s laziness!
  • Research: As I write I need more information about certain things and spend quite a bit of time verifying facts.
  • Edit. A lot of writers hate this part. I love it! I love reading my work again with a harshly critical eye and a vicious red pen. The first read-through is for (embarrassing) typos and plot mistakes. Quite a bit of re-writing happens here. The second read-through is for finer detail. Instead of a third read-through I use some software to help me find more embarrassing mistakes – horrid typos that make me blush.
  • Send it to my editor.
  • Sleep, eat, feel the sun on my skin, sleep, watch movies, sleep.
  • Get the cover finalised, sending a million emails apologising for being such a horrid perfectionist.
  • Get it back from my editor and work with her corrections and suggestions.
  • Send to beta readers. Read through it again and self-edit.
  • Receive feedback from beta readers. Fix what needs to be fixed. Double and triple check facts.
  • Formatting and all kinds of other boring stuff to get the book ready for publication.
  • Publish!!!!
  • Sleep!
  • Rinse, repeat.

I’m now at the ‘sleep, eat, feel the sun on my skin, sleep, movie, sleep’ phase of getting my book out there. It is with my editor and I’ll start doing writing related work in another day or three. For now I’m going to write a few blog posts, read a lot and of course, sleep!


2 thoughts on “FINISHED!!!

    1. I attack the formatting with the determination of a bulldog! It. Will. Not. Frustrate. Me. (I’m a firm believer in mantras) 🙂


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