The Dante Connection is LIVE!!!!

After so many months, seven to be exact, the second book in my series is now available!!!


How do I feel? Well, the question should actually be: What don’t I feel?!?!?! Firstly, I’m tired. All the excitement of the last two weeks has exhausted me. I’m also (obviously) excited. It’s been a lot of work (like with every book), and I really love the story in The Dante Connection. During the last read-through, I smiled at how much I enjoyed Manny, Vinnie and Francine’s interactions. Needless to say, Genevieve is my favourite, but those three live to irritate each other. It was fun to write and fun (for me) to read!

What else do I feel? Extreme nerves!!!! I’m chuckling as I’m writing this. I’m not a nervous person. There is not much that gets me jittery and restless, but this book? It has caused me lack of sleep, stress and the need for a massage to release the tension in my neck muscles. Why? Well, with The Gauguin Connection, no one knew me and no one knew the characters. Now people have met Genevieve, Colin and the gang. They have expectations of the characters and also of my writing. I can only hope that I stayed true to the characters: Genevieve with her high-functioning autism; Colin, the honest thief; Vinnie, the loveable thug; Manny, the annoying agent; and the rest.

I truly hope that if you buy The Dante Connection, you will enjoy it. And please let me know. You can contact me via the blog, my website or facebook. Or you could leave a comment here!!!

PS. Remember to enter the competition (top right of this page) to win a signed copy. It ends at the end of this week.


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