Here is the promised list of nonverbal cues to let you in on the secret that you are as interesting as watching water boil. It might be hypnotic to listen to you, in an eyes-glazed-over and head-moving-in-small-circles kind of way, but you’re losing your audience.

Repetitive behaviour:

  • Drumming fingers
  • Tapping toes
  • Rhythmic shaking of legs
  • Swinging feet or shoes
  • Clicking or shaking a pen – it could also indicate impatience (for me personally, boredom and impatience go hand in hand).

Other nonverbal cues:

  • Lack of focus in the eyes – either the eyes will shift, look at something else or complete lose focus in an I’m-a-zombie manner.medium_11576494
  • Turning the torso away. Ouch. This is a huge cue that you have totally lost that person’s interest. Whenever someone is turning their body away from you, they want to escape.
  • They’re moving restlessly in their seat.
  • Feet pointing at the door – it could be that your friend needs to leave for a doctor’s appointment. But if you’ve been droning on in monotone for an hour, I’d put some money down on him being bored.
  • Pulling at their ears.
  • Leaning away from you.
  • Head resting in hand, squashing up the one side of their face, eyes out of focus – the ultimate hint you should change the topic!


Photo 1,   Photo 2


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