Merry Merry!!


Happy Holidays!!! I wanted to share with you my littlest Christmas tree, and with that my most sincere wishes for a wonderful festive season.

We might all celebrate this time in different ways and for different reasons, but this is indeed an opportunity to be with those we love, doing things that make us happy. Two days ago my best friend asked me what I would ask from Santa. Of course that required suspense of disbelief. Well, no one can ever accuse me of being imaginationless. I jumped into that question and gave her the first answer that came to mind: to hug her – a long, long hug and then an ever longer chat. Being in different countries sometimes really suck.  Santa would have had to organise some time-travel/teleportation travelling for me to hug all the people I would love to. If it weren’t for Santa delivering gifts, I would’ve hi-jacked his sleigh. According to scientists it travels faster than possible. I need that sleigh!

On this Christmas eve I count my blessings, thank my lucky stars, the universe and all the gods and goddesses for the wonderful people in my life. My wish for you is that your Christmas will be filled with wonderful people, laughter, good food, lots of hugs and love. Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Merry Merry!!

    1. Seven trees! Wow. I’ve only ever had one – different sizes, but only one. Well, technically I suppose I now have two (if you count this mini-tree too). Your house must have had the most fabulous Christmas atmosphere!


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