The ULTRA SEXIEST Body Language

How do you know someone is interested in you?


Here are some more cues, or if you prefer: clues, to know that yes, she is looking at you like that.


  • Her handbag

Yes, you read correctly. A woman’s handbag might possibly be one of the most personal items a woman will ever have. Very, very seldom does a man have the honour of seeing what is in that magic bag. Right, ladies? How many times have you allowed a man to freely dig around in your bag? We have way too many secrets in our bags. So, gentlemen, when your date, your lady asks you to pass her bag, allows you to touch it, places it within touching distance, it is a very strong signal that things are in your favour. If she starts caressing her handbag, your evening is going in the right direction. But if she protects her handbag from you? Change your tactics or just call it a night.

  •  Pouty lips

Red, pouty lips have been made famous by Hollywood stars from Rita Haywood to Angelina Jolie. Soft, full lips, red in colour and slightly open bring out the panting wolf in a man. It’s sexy and the opposite to tight, judgemental lips ready to tear the hind skin off him for daring to be late.

  • The Shoulder lift and sideways glance.

This is a half shrug. When she lifts only one shoulder and looks at you as if she’s shy, take note!! The look will be with half drooped eye lids, just long enough for you to notice and then she’ll look away. Score!!!


  • One of the things I truly love about men is that they are by far not as complicated as us women. If a man is interested in a woman, firstly he would try to ‘sell’ himself. He will talk about the importance of his job, his wealth and his power. Most likely it would never be as crude as him telling it outright. No, he would drop hints of his last business trip to Paris, meeting some celebrity (politician, film star, other VIP) and how he managed to single-handedly change a negotiation. He wants to impress you. It’s a good sign. Looking for any other subtle body language cues from men might be a futile exercise. Men are much less versed in the many forms of dating hints than women.

3 thoughts on “The ULTRA SEXIEST Body Language

  1. I am so glad I do not have to try to succeed in the dating arena these days. I would be an abject failure because my wife always tells me I have no idea when someone is flirting with me. I guess a lot of the reason is because I think since I am married no one would. These tips are true, so if you read my comment after reading the blog, count it as a testimonial to the truth!


    1. Joe, that makes you and a gazillion other men (and often women). I think most people who are in long-term relationships are extremely happy to no longer have to try to decode the many cryptic clues while going through the dating maze. It is fun to observe though!


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