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The Léger Connection – Release date!!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to announce this date. I can’t wait to share Francine’s story with you! Soon. Very soon. :-) Continue reading →

The Léger Connection!!

Woohoo!!! I’m so incredibly excited to show you the cover of The Léger Connection – book 7 in the Genevieve Lenard series. As you know by now, this is Francine’s story and I really cannot wait for you to read it! But first, the cover: Continue reading →

Did I know?

About a month ago, a reader on Facebook, Sonya (thank you, Sonya!!), asked me if I’d known where all the characters would go when I wrote The Gauguin Connection – the first book. It’s such a good question that I made a note to post about it when I finished writing book 7 and had a little rest. Well, book 7 is done and I feel rested. :-) Continue reading →

Autism Awareness


April 2 is World Autism Awareness day. Autism is much more in the news today, making more people aware. But few people know or understand the complexity of this disorder.

Continue reading →

Change of Plan for Book 7!

Well, this is certainly a first for me (and my impeccable planning)! This is how it went down… Manny, Francine and Genevieve had quite the argument last week. Not an ugly argument, rather more like a heated debate. When I started planning book 7 many weeks ago, Manny thought it would be cool to tell his story, but Continue reading →

The Power of Mozart

Wolfgang-amadeus-mozart_1Firstly, a tiny biography: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria on 27 January, 1756 – 259 years and one day ago. By the time he was 6 years old, he was playing multiple instruments. (6 years old – mind-blowing!) In his life, Mozart was incredibly prolific, composing hundreds of works.

His symphonies, concertos, sonatas, operas and other works are known for their emotion, sophistication and complexity. He died at the age of Continue reading →

Expressions and Gestures video

An interesting video on expressions and gestures and how it relates to emotion and deception. It’s about 20 minutes – perfect for a short (and informative) break. Enjoy!



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